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Frequently asked questions

What is advatra?2021-06-08T14:55:47+00:00

Advatra is an all-in-one business software to make the daily work of a DMC or FIT-Travel agency more efficient and fun.

What means advatra?2021-06-08T14:56:21+00:00

Advatra stays for “advanced travel agency”

For whom is advatra?2021-06-08T14:56:36+00:00

Advatra is designed for advanced DMCs and FIT-Agencies who are tired of transferring informaton manually from system to system.

How can I install advatra?2021-06-08T14:56:46+00:00

Advatra is web-based and can be operated from any device at any time – No installation required.

How much costs advatra?2021-06-08T15:06:44+00:00

Advatra offers licensing models with different monthly or annual fees. In addition, a one-time setup fee must be paid so that the system can be optimally adapted to your individual needs. Prices are available on request.

How quickly advatra is ready for use in my company?2021-06-08T15:06:55+00:00

As soon as our contract is signed, you can start filling the system with your data within a few days.

For which languages is advatra?2021-06-28T06:46:13+00:00

The system is for English language users. However, you can enter any kind of input, products, events and information in all common languages.

Is advatra a standard software or configurable?2021-06-28T06:47:30+00:00

Advatra is both. It comes with a very powerful and highly configurable functions. In addition, advatra can be customized with individual functions to meet your exact needs.

Can advatra be connected to any accounting or other systems?2021-06-28T06:48:18+00:00

Basically yes. Advatra comes with a REST API interface that simplifies the connection to modern accounting or other systems. We will be happy to check the possibilities of a connection with your current used systems.

Can I get a demo of advatra?2021-06-08T15:07:37+00:00

Yes, you can request a demo: https://advatra.ch/demo/

Is there any support in working with adavtra?2021-06-28T06:48:45+00:00

Yes, our support team will assist you during the set up together live and online. We also offer various support options after the launch of advatra in your ongoing business operations.

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