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Define and modify pricing structures for individual products and sets of products with just one click.

Complete freedom when it comes to pricing

with the only destination management software and fully customizable itinerary templates

with fully integrated price calculation

with flexible product and pricing options

with fast reaction times to price changes

with automated evaluations and reports

Optimize your pricing

Product template

  • Create and maintain all your products directly in advatra
  • Create products and subproducts. This gives you the opportunity to structure your products more detailed
  • Insert your products directly into quotes, invoices and confirmations
  • Create sets of products and set prices

Services and prices

  • Define pricing structures for individual products and sets of products
  • Make price changes for individual products or sets of products with just one click
  • Define VAT rates and accounting accounts
  • Define purchase and sales price as well as markup and margin

Offer, Confirmation and Itinerary

  • Create all types of documents based on product templates and document templates
  • Store documents in multiple languages
  • Send documents directly from advatra
  • We also implemented an assistant who guides you while adding a product to your offer.

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